A (not so) idyllic walk in the woods…

Today we’ve been to a Christening for a friends little one, Mr Mack was #thegodfather! Unfortunately as Mini Mack has chicken pox she had a play date with nanny and grandad, she wasn’t very happy with us and thought she was missing out. 
We didn’t stay too long and thought we’d make it up to her with a trip to our local park and an explore in the woods. It was a beautiful day and we thought it would be nice to get some fresh air as she’s had to stay cooped up for most of the week. 

Unfortunately for us I think she decided to pay us back for leaving her behind and decided to be a cantankerous little monkey. She refused to leave the house in anything other than her very flimsy sandals which we warned her wouldn’t be very good for a walk in the woods. Que 3 minutes in to the walk and complaints of stones in her shoes, head against nearest tree! She insisted on choosing the steepest and most tricky of paths at every opportunity, she refused to give up even though I’m sure it was pretty difficult navigating in her daft shoes. Although at times it’s frustrating I do love her determination, I’m sure I’ll live to regret saying that when she hits the teenage years! At one point she refused to believe us that the path was the way back to the play area and marched off in the opposite direction. This began a steely battle of nerves as to who was going to give in first as we each walked further away from each other, both taking sneaky peeks back to see how far each other had gone. She got much further than I expected and only a threat to put her favourite teddy in the bin would get her to turn back, which she did whilst shouting “I can’t believe you’re making me go the wrongest way ever” and she told me she was “never ever going to let me take any more photos” so I snook one of her back instead whilst trying not to giggle under my breath.She cheered up on the walk back to the play area, but mostly because she a) found a penny which was the best treasure ever and b) found a massive stick which she proceeded to threaten daddy with unless he  marched quickly!!! We stopped off at the lake on the way back to the car where she proceeded to tell people throwing bread that Swans do not like bread and they should not throw it at all as they will not even eat it later. It’s times like this when I hope other mothers think she’s cute and can get away with it rather than wanting to push her busy body self into the lake! A quick play on the playground went without a glitch and then home for mommy and daddy to crack open the beers. Remind us not to leave her behind again, well not with her knowing anyway 😉

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