When Cuddles the Monkey arrived

We were lucky to be sent a special delivery from the Beehive Toy Factory recently to review. Inside was Cuddles the Monkey, a supersoft beige coloured toy, which Mini was thrilled to receive.

Cuddles came well packaged and comes with his own little drawstring bag to carry him around in.


Since Mini was tiny she has always loved soft things as a comforter, be it a teddy, a soft jumper or a scarf, we can’t leave the house without making sure she has something soft to stroke. Therefore she was the perfect tester for Cuddles. I’m pleased to report that he passed the softness test, E told me that he was the softest Monkey in the world ever ever ever and loves to cuddle him in bed at night.

Mini’s favourite feature were the Velcro strips attached to Cuddles’ arms so that he can be wrapped around you. As soon as we received him she attached him to herself and that’s how he stayed for pretty much most of the day. Cuddles enjoyed his first ever outing to the voting station for the general election!

I like his neutral colour and the very cute heart patch on his tummy. I feel that Cuddles is well made and is a good quality toy and think it would make a great gift for children, or adults too 😊.

I can recommend Beehive Toys based on my experiences, I have found that the service has been very professional, quick and great quality. The package arrived quickly and was well wrapped with a lovely personalised letter inside. I would definitely consider Beehive Toys in the future for gifts for Mini and other children.
Disclaimer: I was sent Cuddles the Monkey to review and keep. All views are entirely my own.

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